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Bed and Breakfast: The Convenient Option

If the purpose of your holiday is to get away from a frantic lifestyle, then staying in an overnight lodging just 600 metres away from the beach would be the ideal choice instead of booking a traditional hotel in the city. For one, this type of accommodation provides an atmosphere of cosiness and warmth that the latter simply cannot match. Besides that, being close to nature gives you a sense of tranquillity, which can be very helpful in relieving tension. On top of that, a B and B offers personalised services that would make any customer feel truly special. With an extraordinary treatment like that, you will surely find it easy to love the place and the hosts too.

Since this kind of establishment is mostly run or owned by locals, you do not only get great accommodation, but you get to take advantage of friendly and knowledgeable tour guides too. This means that you can easily acquire information on how to get to must-see attractions and places. Owners and staff can point you to excellent restaurants in town or the most romantic spots in the area, which would make your vacation more authentic because it would let you experience things the way the natives do them.

Meanwhile, spending a break by the coast is one of the best ways to unwind especially if you have been constantly battling stress. So if you want to take your mind away from things that are bothersome, the scenery and the seemingly endless horizon provided by an Sorrento Beach Bed and Breakfast would surely give you the rejuvenation you are looking for. So why choose a room above a busy street when you can sleep in one where there is a beautiful view outside the window?

What's more, you can expect an exquisite menu where a variety of hearty meals are served any time you want to eat them. In fact, you can even enjoy them in bed for an early morning fix. With exceptional hospitality and relatively cheaper rates, you are sure to have a great time resting in a place where it feels more like home.

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Just what we were looking for!

The location and accommodation were both exceptional. Its proximity to the marina and beach was what initially drew us to this little gem but the facilities themselves were first rate.

We were pleasantly surprised by the large modern surrounds and the attention to detail. Its not often you come across such luxurious standards in a B&B and we would have no hesitation in recommending Sorrento Beach bed and breakfast as a great place to stay.

Alan and Clodagh were fantastic hosts and we only hope that we are able to return again some time soon.

- Mike Mac, Auckland, New Zealand -

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