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Tips for Planning a Road Trip Style Holiday

Great road trips are made in the planning, so whether you’re travelling around America or Australia, plan your road trip well in advance because making preparations with plenty of time to spare enables you to search for the best deals on an RV rental in Denver or accommodation in Sorrento, Western Australia.

Planning the trip

There’s so much involved when planning a road trip style holiday in Australia or America, so before you start booking RVs or accommodation give some thought to what you want to see, the length of time you have and how far you’re comfortable travelling per day. Whilst you won’t want to try to fit in too much, you also won’t want to miss out on the amazing sights awaiting you and your travelling companions, so what you should be aiming for here is a happy medium between the two.

It’s important to take into account how far you’re comfortable travelling each day, and not only for the sake of enjoying your holiday, but also because of safety considerations – spending more time behind the wheel than you’re comfortable with should be avoided. Even though you may be sharing the driving with friends and American and Australia roads are first class, it isn’t advisable to spend more time than necessary driving no matter how comfortable the motorhome rental in Denver you arranged is or how much you’re looking forward to the beach front accommodation you arranged in Sorrento Beach.

Accommodation and transportation considerations

The most popular transportation to arrange for road trips around America or Australia is fast becoming campervans and motorhomes – transportation that you can comfortably sleep in. Many travelers do, however, find it advantageous to arrange a comfortable hotel for their final destination or for a few nights here and there. As a result, if you’re driving around Western Australia and would like to take a well deserved break from the driving perhaps look at booking a comfortable bed and breakfast in Sorrento Beach, widely considered to be one of the most breathtaking spots along the Western Australian coastline.

You should also give plenty of thought to the transportation you arrange for your American or Australian road trip because there’s no such thing as standard campervan rentals in Denver these days and travellers will find themselves spoiled for choice. Campervans come in a range of sizes, as do their somewhat larger counterparts the motorhome, so think about the number of people along for the road trip, the distances you’ll be covering on average per day and the overall length of your trip.

By planning your next road trip holiday around America or Australia with plenty of time to spare you’ll find that you’re able to get the most out of your holiday with family and friends, taking in some of the most amazing sights found anywhere on the planet. Take these considerations into account when arranging a comfortable RV rental in Denver or accommodation in Sorrento Beach, WA and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime!

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Just what we were looking for!

The location and accommodation were both exceptional. Its proximity to the marina and beach was what initially drew us to this little gem but the facilities themselves were first rate.

We were pleasantly surprised by the large modern surrounds and the attention to detail. Its not often you come across such luxurious standards in a B&B and we would have no hesitation in recommending Sorrento Beach bed and breakfast as a great place to stay.

Alan and Clodagh were fantastic hosts and we only hope that we are able to return again some time soon.

- Mike Mac, Auckland, New Zealand -

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